Fan-Fan Wan

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Two 3D heterometal-organic frameworks based on infrequent trigonal bipyramidal Ln(5)  clusters as nodes were structurally and magnetically characterized (Ln=Gd (1), Dy (2)). The results indicate large MCE of up to 30.7 J kg(-1)  K(-1) in 1 and slow magnetic relaxation behavior in 2. Expectedly, constructing 3D MOFs based on multinuclear clusters as nodes(More)
Five novel compounds {[Cu(CMA)]·0.8H(2)O}(n) (1), {[Cu(CMA)(bpy)(0.5)]·0.5DMF}(n) (2), {[Cu(CMA)(bpy)(H(2)O)]·0.5H(2)O}(n) (3), {[Cu(2)(CMA)(DPA)(bpy)(2)(H(2)O)]ClO(4)}(n) (4) and {[Cu(3)(CMA)(DPA)(bpy)(4)(OH)](ClO(4))(2)·3H(2)O)}(n) (5) (H(2)CMA = 3-(carboxymethoxy)-5-methylbenzoic acid, HDPA = 2-(3,5-dimethylphenoxy)acetic acid, bpy = 4,4'-bipyridine)(More)
We suggest that some metrics for quantifying distances in phase space are based on linearized flows about unrealistic reference states and hence may not be applicable to atmospheric flows. A new approach of defining a norm-induced metric based on the total energy norm is proposed. The approach is based on the rigorous mathematics of normed vector spaces and(More)
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