Fan-Chuan Tseng

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Affordances refer to how interface features of an IT artifact, perceived by its users in terms of their potentials for action, may predict the intensity of usage. This study investigates three social information affordances for expressive information control, privacy information control, and image information control in Facebook. The results show that the(More)
This study investigated user satisfaction when a new interorganizational information system (green supply chain management system; GSCMS) was introduced to a supplier by a leader in the Taiwan electronic industry. GSCMS providers, according to the requirements of the supplier network leader, trained the representatives of suppliers. All suppliers of two(More)
In recent years, knowledge management has become an important issue for many organizations to boost their intellectual capital and business performance. Rather than the emphasis of system functions, a social cognitive model is proposed to examine the associations among members' cognition, interpersonal relationships, and their knowledge contribution(More)
This qualitative study investigated online interpersonal trust formation in knowledge-sharing (KS) practice, with emphasis on the interplay between the physical and virtual social contexts. Data were collected during a 6-month period from phenomenological interviews of 49 elementary and junior high school teachers who used a Web-based knowledge management(More)
Digital literacy is one of the most important issues that women confront today. Lacking of digital literacy excludes women from lifelong learning and development. Our two-phase, multi-method study attempted to examine how ICT literacy affects women and identifies the key factors that motivate adult females to acquire ICT skills. The first phase identified(More)
Since 1990, knowledge management has been developed and adopted as an essential strategy to foster the creation as well as utilization of organizational intellectual resources. Organizational intellectual capital is derived both individually and collectively from the process to create, store, share, acquire and apply the personal and organizational(More)
The adoption of a school nursing information system is considered one of the most efficient ways in which to document health records as well as monitor health conditions electronically. However, despite the importance of computerized health records in school nursing practice, few studies have examined user satisfaction of a school nursing information(More)
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