Falko Hoffmann

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Introduction: The main purpose of our study was to evaluate intra-articular lesions in glenohumeral-instability with arthroscopy and correlate them with clinical findings as well as history of instability. Material and methods: In this prospective multi-centre study, we evaluated arthroscopic findings in 303 patients with posttraumatic anterior-inferior(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate objective parameters and subjective nursing assessment as pressure ulcer risk factors for intensive care unit (ICU) patients, and compared them with the performance of a general assessment tool (Waterlow scale). To validate the newly developed assessment method. METHOD This prospective epidemiological study involved 698 patients(More)
Ligament balancing is an established surgical technique in total knee arthroplasty with good clinical results. A similar technique for unicondylar knee arthroplasty was developed. The aim of this study was to asses the outcomes of a unicondylar knee replacement implanted with a ligament tensor. A prospective multicentre study of 168 medial compartment(More)
Critically ill patients are at a particular risk for developing pressure ulcers. Yet until now, no sufficiently specific, validated pressure ulcer risk assessment instruments exist for critically ill patients. In a prospective study of 698 patients of medical intensive care unit (ICU), we therefore analyzed if the Waterlow scale is suitable for pressure(More)
PURPOSE Most common clinical studies with antiepileptic drugs do not reflect medical everyday practice due to their strict in- and exclusion criteria and specifications of treatment regimens. Here we present a large non-interventional registry with the intention to evaluate the spectrum of applications in daily use and the efficacy and tolerability of(More)
7620 Background: Thalidomide is an active single agent in advanced relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma (MM). Combination of low dose thalidomide with bendamustine and prednisolone might be a way to maintain efficacy of the drug without dose limiting toxicity (DLT). METHODS The treatment consists of a fixed dose of bendamustine (60mg/qm) day 1, 8, and(More)
Neck pain after whiplash injury of the cervical spine often induces typical changes in head motion patterns (amplitude, velocity). These changes of kinematics may help to recognize malingerers. We investigated the hypothesis that malingerers are not able to reproduce their simulated head movement disturbances three times. The kinematics of head movements of(More)
Within the framework of a prospective study, 40 patients were examined postoperatively 12 months after their anterior cruciate ligament had been replaced by a doubled semitendinosus tendon arthroscopically combined with a lateral extra-articular procedure. "Second look" arthroscopy was possible in four cases. Evaluation was conducted according to the system(More)
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