Falko Brinkmann

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In addition to their actions in the cell nucleus, glucocorticoids exhibit rapid non-nuclear responses that are mechanistically not well understood. To explain these effects, the localization of a glucocorticoid receptor (GR) expressed in mast cells as a GFP fusion was analyzed after activation of the cells on allergenic lipid arrays. These arrays were(More)
Microgoblet laser pairs are presented for cross-referenced on-chip biomolecular sensing. Parallel readout of the micro-lasers facilitates effective mutual filtering of highly localized refractive index and temperature fluctuations in the analyte. Cross-referenced detection of two different types of proteins and complete chemical transducer reconfiguration(More)
Analyses of rare events occurring at extremely low frequencies in body fluids are still challenging. We established a versatile microarray-based platform able to capture single target cells from large background populations. As use case we chose the challenging application of detecting circulating tumor cells (CTCs)--about one cell in a billion normal blood(More)
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