Falko Brinkmann

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Hormone-dependent aggregation of the androgen receptor (AR) with a polyglutamine (polyQ) stretch amplification (>38) is considered to be the causative agent of the neurodegenerative disorder spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy (SBMA), consistent with related neurodegenerative diseases involving polyQ-extended proteins. In spite of the widespread acceptance(More)
The interaction of electromagnetic waves with matter can be controlled by structuring the matter on the scale of the wavelength of light, and various photonic components have been made by structuring materials using top-down or bottom-up approaches. Dip-pen nanolithography is a scanning-probe-based fabrication technique that can be used to deposit materials(More)
Analyses of rare events occurring at extremely low frequencies in body fluids are still challenging. We established a versatile microarray-based platform able to capture single target cells from large background populations. As use case we chose the challenging application of detecting circulating tumor cells (CTCs)--about one cell in a billion normal blood(More)
Multiplexing, i.e., the application and integration of more than one ink in an interdigitated microscale pattern, is still a challenge for microcontact printing (μCP) and similar techniques. On the other hand there is a strong demand for interdigitated patterns of more than one protein on subcellular to cellular length scales in the lower micrometer range(More)
A novel surface functionalization technique is presented for large-scale selective molecule deposition onto whispering gallery mode microgoblet cavities. The parallel technique allows damage-free individual functionalization of the cavities, arranged on-chip in densely packaged arrays. As the stamp pad a glass slide is utilized, bearing phospholipids with(More)
In addition to their actions in the cell nucleus, glucocorticoids exhibit rapid non-nuclear responses that are mechanistically not well understood. To explain these effects, the localization of a glucocorticoid receptor (GR) expressed in mast cells as a GFP fusion was analyzed after activation of the cells on allergenic lipid arrays. These arrays were(More)
Microgoblet laser pairs are presented for cross-referenced on-chip biomolecular sensing. Parallel readout of the micro-lasers facilitates effective mutual filtering of highly localized refractive index and temperature fluctuations in the analyte. Cross-referenced detection of two different types of proteins and complete chemical transducer reconfiguration(More)
There are only few quantitative studies commenting on the writing process in dip-pen nanolithography with lipids. Lipids are important carrier ink molecules for the delivery of bio-functional patters in bio-nanotechnology. In order to better understand and control the writing process, more information on the transfer of lipid material from the tip to the(More)
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