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In landscapes which are predominately characterised by agriculture, natural ecosystems are often reduced to a mosaic of scattered patches of natural vegetation. Species with formerly connected distribution ranges now have restricted gene flow among populations. This has isolating effects upon population structure, because species are often confined by their(More)
We have measured quantum transport through an individual Fe(4) single-molecule magnet embedded in a three-terminal device geometry. The characteristic zero-field splittings of adjacent charge states and their magnetic field evolution are observed in inelastic tunneling spectroscopy. We demonstrate that the molecule retains its magnetic properties and,(More)
We study electron transport through a single-molecule magnet (SMM) and the interplay of its anisotropic spin with quantized vibrational distortions of the molecule. Based on numerical renormalization group calculations we show that, despite the longitudinal anisotropy barrier and small transverse anisotropy, vibrational fluctuations can induce quantum(More)
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