Falk Doherr

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In process industries the Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for the Supervisory Control Systems are built at the very end of the planning phase because of the many interdependencies of engineering data. These HMIs consist of a hierarchy of graphical displays that illustrate the chemical process and its automation system. Today, these displays are derived(More)
This paper presents the combination of two distinct model driven HMI engineering approaches. Together they setup a complete toolchain that lays the basis for the model driven (semi)automatic generation of flexible, multi-platform HMIs for process industries. The two approaches are autoHMI which derives a concrete UI design from Computer Aided Engineering(More)
The engineering phases of process plants present complex tasks with regard of mass data, interfaces and continuous changes. Many engineering challenges are well supported by CAE tools. But there are no integrated and computer-based support systems for the design of complex fieldbus structures. The approach presented in this paper is a research demonstrator(More)
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