Falk Dietrich

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The concept of event-based behavioral abstraction (EBBA) is shown to facilitate the Design For Testability (DFT) if the set of events is well-chosen. We provide a predeened set of events which, together with linear-time temporal logic, can be used for expressing behavioral properties in object-oriented distributed systems. This allows automizing several(More)
We survey formal methods as they are applied to the development of communication services. We report on industrial and academic projects, consider diierent communication architectures and work related to the feature interaction problem. Based on our survey and on extensive discussions with the industry, we investigate important industrial concerns and(More)
SUMMARY We present a framework for constructing formal models of object-oriented distributed systems and a property language to express behavioral constraints in such models. Most of the existing models have their origin in specific mathematical notations and/or concepts. In contrast, we have developed our model such that it accounts for a large set of(More)
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