Faliu Yi

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In this paper, we propose a new method for color image-based authentication that combines multispectral photon-counting imaging (MPCI) and double random phase encoding (DRPE) schemes. The sparsely distributed information from MPCI and the stationary white noise signal from DRPE make intruder attacks difficult. In this authentication method, the original(More)
Compounds tested during drug development may have adverse effects on the heart; therefore all new chemical entities have to undergo extensive preclinical assessment for cardiac liability. Conventional intensity-based imaging techniques are not robust enough to provide detailed information for cell structure and the captured images result in low-contrast,(More)
We overview an approach to providing automated three-dimensional (3D) sensing and recognition of biological micro/nanoorganisms integrating Gabor digital holographic microscopy and statistical sampling methods. For 3D data acquisition of biological specimens, a coherent beam propagates through the specimen and its transversely and longitudinally magnified(More)
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