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A robust and real-time facial detector has been designed using multi-classifier combination method. The new detector composes of three classifiers: Skin color detector, AdaBoost detector based on haar-like features, and eye-mouth detector, a semi-serial architecture is designed to combine the three detectors, which set up the division and cooperation system(More)
Traditional Chinese medical (TCM) management system for chronic disease is designed based on distributed storage architecture. The system composed of three modules, namely, medical records collection module, information storage and processing module, and chronic disease education module. Among them, the patient information recorded in the collection module(More)
Skin detection based on skin-color information has gained much attention because of its advantages in effective computation and rotation independent. An important challenge of skin color detection is how to detect skin color pixels located in shadow regions, which are corrupted by illuminant. In this paper, we propose an illuminant independent skin color(More)
The medical CT images are irregular and have deep boundary concavities. So how to get the organ picture from serial images quickly and accurately is a difficult process. The paper discusses the shortcoming of GVF model being susceptible to structures with slender topology. For the better convergence we improve GVF model by setting the initial contour as the(More)
An important challenge of any skin color based intelligent system is to filter off varying illuminant in color facial images. In this paper, we propose a novel Retinex algorithm which based on an advanced adaptive smoothing filter to remove illuminant in color images. The proposed method estimates illumination by convolving the input image with some(More)
In this paper, we describe the design and implementation of SARCNFS File System for network-attached clustered storage system. SARCNFS stripes the data and metadata among multiple NAS nodes, and provides file redundancy scheme and synchronization mechanism for distributed RAID5. SARCNFS uses a self-adaptive redundancy scheme for file data accesses that uses(More)
The aim of this paper is to present a mechanical lung to simulate human normal breathing. It is based on gas laws and pulmonary compliance theories to establish mathematical model of the lung respiration. The ventilation mode algorithm and the PID controller are fulfilled. The dependency of airway resistance on lung recoil pressure and transmural pressure(More)
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