Falih Murat Gorgun

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Surges of nitric oxide compromise mitochondrial respiration primarily by competitive inhibition of oxygen binding to cytochrome c oxidase (complex IV) and are particularly injurious in neurons, which rely on oxidative phosphorylation for all their energy needs. Here, we show that transgenic overexpression of the neuronal globin protein, neuroglobin, helps(More)
Src kinases are key regulators of cellular proliferation, survival, motility, and invasiveness. They play important roles in the regulation of inflammation and cancer. Overexpression or hyperactivity of c-Src has been implicated in the development of various types of cancer, including lung cancer. Src inhibition is currently being investigated as a(More)
CONTEXT Acute inhalation of combustion smoke adversely affects brain homeostasis and energy metabolism. We previously showed that overexpressed neuroglobin (Ngb), neuron specific globin protein, attenuates the formation of smoke inhalation-induced oxidative DNA damage, in vivo, in the mouse brain, while others reported protection by Ngb in diverse models of(More)
Human Rpn13, also known as adhesion regulating molecule 1 (ADRM1), was recently identified as a novel 19S proteasome cap-associated protein, which recruits the deubiquitinating enzyme UCH37 to the 26S proteasome. Knockdown of Rpn13 by siRNA does not lead to global accumulation of ubiquitinated cellular proteins or changes in proteasome expression,(More)
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