Falguni Sarkar

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We introduce a new class of fixed-degree interconnection networks, called the Cayley graph connected cycles , which includes the well known cube-connected cycles as a special case. This class of networks is shown to be vertexsymmetric and maximally fault tolerant (if the given Cayley graph is maximally fault tolerant). We propose simple routing and(More)
Human interferon (IFN) prepared from virus-induced human leukocyte suspensions (leukocyte-derived interferon) was compared to the IFN extracted from Escherichia coli harboring a human interferon-alpha cDNA hybrid plasmid (Hif-SN35-AH-L6). E coli-derived IFN was 20 to 50 times more active than leukocyte-derived IFN on heterologous bovine, feline, murine and(More)
Androgen-dependent synthesis of alpha 2u globulin in the rat liver has been used in our laboratory as a model for studying the effect of sex hormones on hepatic gene expression. alpha 2u Globulin is a group of low molecular weight (Mr approximately 18,000) male specific urinary proteins synthesized and secreted by hepatocytes. In the male rat hepatic(More)
In this paper, we efficiently map a priority queue on the hypercube architecture in a load balanced manner, with no additional communication overhead, and present optimal parallel algorithms for performing insert and deletemin operations. Two implementations for such operations are proposed on the single-port hypercube model. In a b-bandwidth, n-item(More)
We propose a new conservative, time-window protocol for parallel discrete event simulation where the simulation system and the physical system used can both be modeled as a star network, in which one central node is connected to every other node. The success of our algorithm is also dependent of the lookahead predictability of the system to be simulated.(More)