Falguni Sarkar

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Multiple primary cancers of the head, neck, and upper aerodigestive tract have been documented in patients previously treated for oropharyngeal cancer. There generally is no causal relationship established between the different tumors. Two synchronous or metachronous cancers are common, three are unusual, and four are very unusual. We describe the treatment(More)
We introduce a new class of fixed-degree in-terconnection networks, called the Cayley graph connected cycles , which includes the well known cube-connected cycles as a special case. This class of networks is shown to be vertex-symmetric and maximally fault tolerant (if the given Cayley graph is maximally fault tolerant). We propose simple routing and(More)
In this paper, we first propose four-layer optimization for UMTS coverage area: (i) cell-oriented intra-SGSN layer, which is optimized RA areas covering the intra-SGSN signaling cost, paging cost and RA load balancing, (ii) RA-oriented intra-MSC layer, which is optimized location areas covering the intra-MSC signaling cost and LA load balancing,(iii)(More)
Load balanced data distribution among various memory modules in a multiprocessor architecture or among multiple disks in a parallel I/O subsystem is an important problem. The goal is to provide parallel access without memory conflicts to specified templates of a host data structure, using as few modules or disks as possible. An efficient solution to this(More)