Falah H Al-Mohanna

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There is evidence that normal breast stromal fibroblasts (NBFs) suppress tumour growth, while cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) promote tumourigenesis through functional interactions with tumour cells. Little is known about the biology and the carcinogenic potential of stromal fibroblasts present in histologically normal surgical margins (TCFs).(More)
Accumulating evidence supports cancer to initiate and develop from a small population of stem-like cells termed as cancer stem cells (CSC). The exact phenotype of CSC and their counterparts in normal mammary gland is not well characterized. In this study our aim was to evaluate the phenotype and function of stem/progenitor cells in normal mammary epithelial(More)
BACKGROUND A major therapeutic challenge for breast cancer is the ability of cancer cells to evade killing of conventional chemotherapeutic agents. We have recently reported the actin-bundling protein (fascin) as a major regulator of breast cancer metastasis and survival. METHODS Survival of breast cancer patients that received chemotherapy and xenograft(More)
The low molecular weight protein tyrosine phosphatase (LMPTP), encoded by the ACP1 gene, is a ubiquitously expressed phosphatase whose in vivo function in the heart and in cardiac diseases remains unknown. To investigate the in vivo role of LMPTP in cardiac function, we generated mice with genetic inactivation of the Acp1 locus and studied their response to(More)
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