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Role of Interstitial Angiotensin II and ATP in Mediating Renal Injury Induced by Recurrent Insulin Induced Hypoglycemia
Aim: The present study hypothesizes that recurrent insulin induced hypoglycemia (RIIH) elevates renal interstitial ATP levels which in turn enhances AngII production. This interrupts the normalExpand
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Oncologic Concerns in An Exstrophied Urinary Bladder - An Indian Scenario.
Exstrophy of the urinary bladder is a rare congenital anomaly which if untreated causes bladder carcinoma and intestinal tumours noted if urinary diversion is performed. It is seen that 50% of allExpand
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Experimental study on shear behavior of the interface between old and new deck slabs
Abstract An experimental study of the interface shear transfer between differently aged concrete (old and new deck slabs) has been performed. The old and new deck slabs parts were crossed by steelExpand
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