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The HTCondor-CE is the next-generation gateway software for the Open Science Grid (OSG). This is responsible for providing a network service which authorizes remote users and provides a resource provisioning service (other well-known gateways include Globus GRAM, CREAM, Arc-CE, and Openstacks Nova). Based on the venerable HTCondor software, this new CE is(More)
A two-session experiment is proposed to train students with an easy, economic and educative procedure to detect the typical DNA ladder produced in many apoptotic events. The procedure is accurate enough to provide an easy way to compare degrees of damage in DNA caused by different treatments.
  • Alfredo Cano, Garcinuño Villamuriel De Cerrato, +60 authors Garcinuño
The aim of this study was to describe the time patterns of wheezing in both asthmatic and non‐ asthmatic children during the first thirty‐six months, and to determine whether there are asthma‐ related breakpoints in the incidence of wheezing. Data from a historical cohort of children followed from birth to six years (SLAM cohort) were used. Wheezing(More)
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