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New metabolites produced by endophyte Clonostachys rosea B5 - 2.
The endophytic fungus, Clonostachys rosea B5-2 was isolated from mangrove plants and subjected to the one strain many compounds (OSMAC) methodology. By this approach, it was found that modificationExpand
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A new antiplasmodial sterol from Indonesian marine sponge, Xestospongia sp.
A new antimalarial sterol, kaimanol (1), along with a known sterol, saringosterol (2) was isolated from the Indonesian Marine sponge, Xestospongia sp. The chemical structure of the new compound wasExpand
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STIGMASTANE-STEROID FROM THE BARK OF Chisocheton lasiocarfus (Meliaceae)
Stigmastan-steroid, stigma-4-ene-3-on (1) has been isolated from the bark of Chisocheton lansiocarpus. The chemical structure of stigmastan-steroid was identified based on spectroscopic data and byExpand
Poriferasta-5,22E,25-trien-3β-ol,22-dehidrokolesterol Dari Daun Kalanchoe Serrata (Crassulaceae)
Dalam penelitian berkelanjutan untuk pencarian senyawa metabolit sekunder baru dari tumbuhan Kalanchoe Indonesia, telah dilakukan kajian fitokimia terhadap Kalanchoe serrata . Daun segar K. serrataExpand
A New Lignan Derivative, Lasiocarpone, from the Stembark of Chisocheton lasiocarpus (Meliaceae)
A new lignan derivative, named lasiocarpone (1), was isolated from the stembark of Chisocheton lasiocarpus. The chemical structure of 1 was determined by extensive NMR and MS spectra analyses as wellExpand
Two steroids compounds, 7α-Hydoxy β-sitosterol (1) and β-sitosterol (2), have been isolated from ethyl acetate extract of the fresh Super Red Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus costaricensis).The chemicalExpand
β-Resorcylic Acid Derivatives, with Their Phytotoxic Activities, from the Endophytic Fungus Lasiodiplodia theobromae in the Mangrove Plant Xylocarpus granatum.
Nine new β-resorcylic acid derivatives, (15S)-de-O-methyllasiodiplodin (1), (13S,15S)-13-hydroxy-de-O-methyllasiodiplodin (2), (14S,15S)-14-hydroxy-de-O-methyllasiodiplodin (3),Expand
Analysis Of Phytochemical Profile And Antioxidant Activities From Ethanol Extract Of Leaf, Stem Bark And Wood Clausena lansium L.
Wampi belongs to Rutaceae family. The shape of this plant is kind of bush or small tree and its fruits are similar to grapples or oranges. C. lansium was reported has the main biological activity asExpand
Flavanoids fromthe Stembark of Chisocheton pentandrus(Meliaceae)
Two flavanoid compounds, catechin ( 1 ) and epicatechin ( 2 ), have been isolated from the stembark of Chisocheton pentandrus . The chemical structure of compounds 1 and 2 were identifiedExpand