Faizul Mohd Kassim

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Stable carbon (δ13C) and nitrogen (δ15N) isotope ratios were measured to investigate the migration of John’s snapper Lutjanus johnii and its dependence on the food resources provided within the large Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve (40,151 ha), Malaysia. John’s snapper, and its main prey food such as penaeids, Acetes shrimps and mysids, showed generally(More)
We have developed microsatellite DNA markers for Mesopodopsis orientalis (Tattersall 1908), a widely distributed mysid crustacean in shallow waters of the coastal and estuarine systems across India to Indonesia and the Philippines. A total of 18 novel polymorphic microsatellite markers were identified in 32 individuals from a sandy beach at Teluk Kumbar in(More)
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