Faizin Abu Bakar

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In today's competitive world, customer churn remains to be as one of the most pressing concerns for network providers. Through research, it is found that the cost of acquiring new customers is much higher than retaining the existing ones. However, predicting customer churn to tackle this main concern is an extremely difficult undertaking. There are a few(More)
This paper aims to describe the computational calculation of prayer times that will be applied to IMS application for a Location-based Content Utility Service Terminal. In order to calculate the prayer time, a number of properties that relate to the sun such as declination of angle should be taking in consideration. The solar declination reading is used to(More)
This paper aims to describe the general concept and design on a solution being developed in TM Research and Development to enable end users to obtain on demand information on location specific data based on Global Positioning System (GPS) or mobile triangulation information directly from mobile devices or fixed terminals. In order to illustrate our(More)
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