Faizah Fuad

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Self citation of a journal may affect its impact factor. Self citations during 1997 and 1998 were investigated in six 'general' otolaryngology journals. The citations each journal gave to other journals, including itself, and the citations each journal received from the other journals, differed significantly among the six journals (chi2= 2794, d.f. = 25, P(More)
As Muslims, the search for lawful (halal) and wholesome (tayyib) products such as food and medicines is not only a part of ibadah and to get pleasure of Allah SWT. In fact, it can also nourish the bodies and souls due to the permissibility and purity of the products. Currently, the awareness of some doubtful and questionable ingredients in the food and(More)
Paroxysmal hemicrania has been described as an excruciating unilateral pain, which is usually ocular and frontotemporal with short-lasting (2-45 min), frequent attacks (usually more than five per day); with marked autonomic features (rhinorrhoea, nasal congestion, conjunctival injection, lacrimation) and unilateral to the pain. A response to indomethacin is(More)
Neonates and infants are obligate nasal breathers and nasal obstruction in this age group can be a life threatening emergency. Even though the commonest cause for nasal obstruction is nasal oedema, bony stenosis of the posterior choanae or pyriform aperture is quite common and may be seen on CT scans. We describe a case of mid-nasal stenosis in a neonate(More)
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