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In order to sustain connection and service in heterogeneous wireless environment, vertical handover is necessary. Now-a-days research focus is to optimize vertical handover so that optimized and application specific (QoS based) handover can be made possible. In this paper, an intelligent approach to vertical handover is proposed. The fuzzy logic based(More)
Requirements Elicitation phase in Requirements Engineering (RE) is found to be very complex and demands more attention when software development is performed on the global scale. The available approaches of requirements elicitation require vigilant application in different scenarios of GSD and may need further improvement when considering challenges of(More)
The bandwidth in wireless networks is usually shared by a number of wireless nodes. The channel capacity depends on the number of accessing nodes, time, environmental conditions and location of nodes. Due to varying channel conditions, several issues are observed in the transmission of real time multimedia. The existing research on multimedia streaming can(More)
The deployment of distributed devices and their applications in number of fields, has motivated the research in Distributed Source Coding (DSC). The research in this field has been branched into lossless and lossy DSC. Many approaches have been devised to achieve the theoretical bound of minimum sending rate to achieve lossless coding. In this paper, an(More)
It is observed that international migration is a growing phenomenon and has got considerable attention. It has profound effects on the source countries. In the present study, an effort has been made to identify the possible impact of migration on families left behind, with special focus on children’s education and females. Migration of labor mobility(More)
Mobility management in heterogeneous wireless networks is always considered as a challenging task in terms of interoperability, service availability and session continuity . This research proposes a new IEEE 802.21 based multihoming architecture for vertical handover between heterogeneous wireless networks. The framework is used to optimize handover at link(More)
Migration has been a courageous expression of the individual’s will to overcome adversity and to live a better life. Today, globalization, together with advances in communications and transportation, has greatly increased the number of people who have the desire and the capacity to move to other places. The evidence shows that due to flow of remittances the(More)
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