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AADL is an architecture description language based on the MetaH language which describes an embedded system, as a collection of interacting components. The AADL standard associates automata to define dynamic semantics for a thread component. The threads can be in various states such as halted, inactive, or active. An active thread can be waiting for a(More)
– Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs), is an emerging wireless technology which attracts more and more attention of service providers and enterprises. The main advantage of this new class of network is to offer a flexible and economical way to expand internet access. Their major concern is to improve the flow and to preserve the bandwidth, while minimizing the(More)
La notion d'architecture logicielle est apparue aux alentours des années 1990 et est maintenant présentée comme le coeur d'une discipline à part entière. De nombreux langages de description d'architecture (ADLs) ont été proposés dans la littérature. Ils offrent des capacités complémentaires pour le développement et l'analyse architecturale d'un système(More)
The main objective of this paper is to show how to extend the ECATNet model, which is a form of high-level algebraic nets, with new objects and morphisms in order to have a more expressive model-based diagnosis of concurrent systems. Our formulation is accomplished by exploiting the similarity between the categorical models of linear logic and those of(More)
Transactional Petri Nets (TPNets) are a new class of high-level Zero-Safe Nets (ZSNs), defined as a more suitable semantic framework for UML2 activity diagrams. Indeed, they ensure reactivity and synchronization of concurrent flows triggering with their junction. Reactivity is guaranteed due to the real time massive cancellation semantics based on the(More)