Faiza Allah Bukhsh

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Organization’s concerns as controlling costs, improving quality, increasing effectiveness, and managing risk increasingly impose strong requirements on Business-IT alignment (B-ITa). Several Maturity Models came into being for considering improvement actions in B-ITa. The IT-Enabled Collaborative Network organizations (ICoNOs) maturity model specifically(More)
To reduce cost and effort, e-government is trying to maximize the digital interaction with its citizens. E-customs is a carry-over of such an effort. Worldwide Customs is transforming from the labor intensive paper work it used to be for ages to e-customs, where international trade is facilitated fully exploiting the global digital infrastructure of the(More)
From a labour-intensive and paper-based door-keeping function Customs control is aiming now towards international trade facilitation in a way that is both efficient and secure. Digitalization of documents and automation of processes plays an important role in this transition. However, the use of modern technology, in particular SOA, is not yet optimal. The(More)
Compliance has become a strategic concern for many companies and organizations. To prove actual compliance, the organization must disclose itself (be auditable). A plethora of advanced tools has been developed to support compliance management and auditing processes. However, not all organizations are the same. To apply these tools effectively and(More)
While risk regulations and compliance requirements grow, the capacity of governmental controls only shrinks in many countries. Automation provides a partial solution to this problem, but more is expected from new modes of supervision. The reliability of the provided data becomes essential then. Reliability can be supported by auditing services. At the same(More)
The big question of how to successfully complete the project with its constraints always exist with every project. Some set of rules and patterns are needed for project management. Project management strategies provide us set of standards and rules to successfully complete the project and project management viewpoints are one of them. In this paper we have(More)
E-commerce ideas demand validation regarding their economic effectiveness on businesses. For identifying relevant business values, some value modeling techniques are currently available in the research arena, and the e3value framework is an easy-to-use option. This framework has a notation to express different values in e-business scenarios. For most of(More)
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