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— In this paper, we present a detection and tracking feature points algorithm in real time camera input environment. To trace and extract a face image, we use a modified face detector based on the Haar-like features. For feature points detection, we use good features to track of Shi and Thomasi. In order to track the facial feature points, Pyramidal(More)
A probabilistic approach has been developed to extract recurrent serious Occupational Accident with Movement Disturbance (OAMD) scenarios from narrative texts within a prevention framework. Relevant data extracted from 143 accounts was initially coded as logical combinations of generic accident factors. A Bayesian Network (BN)-based model was then built for(More)
This paper deals with multi-class classification of skin pre-cancerous stages based on bimodal spectroscopic features combining spatially resolved AutoFluorescence (AF) and Diffuse Reflectance (DR) measurements. A new hybrid method to extract and select features is presented. It is based on Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) applied to AF spectra and on Mutual(More)
Facial expression tracking is a fundamental problem in computer vision due to its important role in a variety of applications including facial expression recognition, classification, and detection of emotional states, among others H. Xiaolei (2004). Research on face tracking has been intensified due to its wide range of applications in psychological facial(More)
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