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This paper presents conceptual framework architecture of an e-Learning system that could be used to prepare students for an educational testing service like exam. The preparation process consists of two main activities that will be conducted in a distant learning environment: completing interactive learning activities based on subject materials and(More)
Agents and design patterns are commonly used to support component-based software development (CBSD). They provide schemes for refining subsystems and agent components. Since software agents are considered as advanced technology abstractions of objects and component design, new design patterns need to be developed for software agents to support e-business(More)
here is a real need in the higher education sector to define and develop Learners General Quality Attributes (LGQA) that students should attain prior to their degree completion. These LGQA should be embedded within courseware design in a way to assure their effectiveness. Attaining these attributes by students is a crucial in the organizational environment(More)
Cloud computing brings for higher educational institution a wide range of benefits with new capabilities to incorporate in the educational process. However, the cloud services are vulnerable to a variety of security challenges. One of the key challenges that educational institutions face in adopting cloud computing technologies is a provisioning of a secure(More)
Mobile Agents are considered an interesting technology to develop applications for distributed systems. Thus they present features, such as autonomy and capability to roam to hosts, process data, and save remote communications. Many mobile agent platforms have been developed for research purposes while other platforms have been deployed as commercial(More)
In this paper, we developed an approach for extracting commerce design patterns for B2C e-commerce to improve business-based systems. This approach is called an Agent Pattern Driven Business Engineering (APDBE). Based on this approach, we derived an agent-based commerce design pattern, called the Dynamic Design Pattern (DynDP). This pattern uses to support(More)
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