Faisal Shah Khan

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BACKGROUND In many countries with a high burden of tuberculosis, most patients receive treatment in the private sector. We evaluated a multifaceted case-detection strategy in Karachi, Pakistan, targeting the private sector. METHODS A year-long communications campaign advised people with 2 weeks or more of productive cough to seek care at one of 54 private(More)
Recent research in multi-valued logic for quantum computing has shown practical advantages for scaling up a quantum computer. [1,12] Multivalued quantum systems have also been used in the framework of quantum cryptography, [4] and the concept of a qudit cluster state has been proposed by generalizing the qubit cluster state. [5] An evolutionary algorithm(More)
We develop an octonionic representation of the payoff function for a three player, two strategy, maximally entangled quantum game. 1 A Formalism for Quantization Up until now, to quantize games most authors have, like Meyer, focused their efforts on the quantization of the players’ strategy spaces, essentially the domain of the payoff function that defines(More)
BACKGROUND The demographic transition in South Asia coupled with unplanned urbanization and lifestyle changes are increasing the burden of non-communicable disease (NCD) where infectious diseases are still highly prevalent. The true magnitude and impact of this double burden of disease, although predicted to be immense, is largely unknown due to the absence(More)
Two qubit quantum computations are viewed as two player, strictly competitive games and a game-theoretic measure of optimality of these computations is developed. To this end, the geometry of Hilbert space of quantum computations is used to establish the equivalence of game-theoretic solution concepts of Nash equilibrium and mini-max outcomes in games of(More)
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is being increasingly recognized as a leading public health problem. However, there are limited data available with respect to prevalence of CKD in Pakistan, a developing South Asian country. The study presents the baseline findings of prevalence and risk factors for adult kidney disease in a Pakistani community cohort. A total(More)
Recent research in generalizing quantum computation from 2-valued qudits to dvalued qudits has shown practical advantages for scaling up a quantum computer. A further generalization leads to quantum computing with hybrid qudits where two or more qudits have different finite dimensions. Advantages of hybrid and dvalued gates (circuits) and their physical(More)
BACKGROUND In Pakistan, like many Asian countries, a large proportion of healthcare is provided through the private sector. We evaluated a systematic screening strategy to identify people with tuberculosis in private facilities in Karachi and assessed the approaches' ability to diagnose patients earlier in their disease progression. METHODS AND FINDINGS(More)