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A review on global renewable electricity scenario
Global exploitation of renewable energy technologies is increasing rapidly due to the concern in global warming and dwindling supplies of fossil fuels. Most of the countries in the world are blessedExpand
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Optimization of pollution emission in power dispatch including renewable energy and energy storage
Electric power dispatch with minimal pollutants emission is a major challenge for power system operators. One of the main objectives of Economic/Environmental Dispatch (EED) and EnvironmentalExpand
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Reinforcement learning solution to economic dispatch using pursuit algorithm
Reinforcement learning (RL) algorithms are powerful tools that can be used to solve multi stage decision making problem. In this paper, we view Economic Dispatch (ED) problem as an n stage decisionExpand
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Optimum Power Dispatch Problems: An Overview
An efficient operating policy for committed units (CU) in order to meet the load demand is very important for power system operators. Optimum Power Dispatch (OPD) problems help to find such suitableExpand
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An algorithm for load curtailment in aggregated demand response program
Under the Smart Grid paradigm, consumers big and small are being empowered to engage in the energy consumption decisions. The distributed control technologies allow large number of small loads toExpand
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Tri-generation based hybrid power plant scheduling for renewable resources rich area with energy storage
Solving power system scheduling is crucial to ensure smooth operations of the electric power industry. Effective utilization of available conventional and renewable energy sources (RES) byExpand
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Power Station Scheduling with Energy Storage
Power utilities are encouraged to convert existing conventional power plant into hybrid power plant by installing available renewable power units and energy storage facilities in order to meet theExpand
Benefits of high renewable penetration on environment
For environmental friendly electricity generation, the global utilizations of renewable energy resources (RES) and distributed energy storage (DES) facilities are increasing rapidly. TheExpand
Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly power dispatch by trigeneration with renewable energy and energy storage
The importance of energy-efficient power generation that effectively utilizes the available fossil fuels is increasing due to the gradual decline in fossil fuel reserves. Furthermore, concern aboutExpand
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