Faisal Javed

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Stroke is one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in advanced countries of the world. Despite the fact that reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (ROS and RNS) are the by-products of normal metabolic processes and mediate important physiological processes, they can inflict damage to the cell if produced in excess due to oxidative stress. In the(More)
BACKGROUND Herbal remedies and other natural supplements have become popular alternative medical therapy. Patients using these products may present to ENT surgeons with epistaxis or with unexpected, excessive peri-operative bleeding. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this review was to consolidate the available data regarding herb-drug interactions and the direct(More)
The leather industry and its associated sectors contribute significantly to the Pakistani economy. There are around 600 tanneries in Pakistan that are concentrated in 3 major cities (Kasur, Karachi, Sialkot). Waste discharge from tanneries pollutes the air, soil, and water, causing serious health problems. Exposure to such contaminated environmental milieu(More)
Golgi is one of the core proteins of a cell, constitutes in both plants and animals, which is involved in protein synthesis. Golgi is responsible for receiving and processing the macromolecules and trafficking of newly processed protein to its intended destination. Dysfunction in Golgi protein is expected to cause many neurodegenerative and inherited(More)
A national survey was carried out to investigate the current UK practice for decontaminating flexible nasal endoscopes. A postal questionnaire was sent to Sisters in Charge of 200 ear, nose and throat (ENT) outpatient departments in the UK, with an overall response rate of 60.5%. Decontamination with chlorine dioxide wipes was the most favoured method, used(More)
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