Faisal H. Aboul-Enein

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The relationship between Middle Eastern patients and populations of Arab origin with western health care professionals are by no means free of cultural misunderstandings. The relationship is often strained by mutual cultural misunderstanding as well as communicative and linguistic hardship. Even though people from the Middle East do vary racially, they do(More)
The aim of this investigation was to explore the correlation of shisha smoking with blood pressure and heart rate values. This is a randomized cross-sectional epidemiological study involving a total of 14,310 adults selected from various regions of Jordan. Well-trained pharmacy students interviewed participants in outpatient settings. The frequencies of(More)
BACKGROUND The most prevalent disease in Jordan is hypertension. Jordan is a small, middle-income developing country in the Middle East. It has a population of 5611202 people. Few studies have examined the associated cardiovascular risk factors in Jordan. DESIGN The aim of this investigation was to explore specific lifestyles in Jordan, measuring blood(More)
The population of the United States population is growing more diverse at a rapid rate through the 21st century. Health care providers are interacting more frequently with patients of diverse ethnic affiliations where health beliefs, languages, and life experiences may differ greatly from their own. According to Timmins (2002), "...the U.S. health care(More)
The aim of this investigation was to measure the degree of public preferences regarding the various weight-loss practices and to assess the level of awareness regarding the risks and health hazards associated with the application of unhealthful measures to lose weight. Approximately 30,000 individuals selected from various regions in Jordan filled in a(More)
One of the most popular herbal remedies, garlic, is used for its many medicinal applications. These historically valuable applications could be summarized by its cardiovascular, antineoplastic, and antimicrobial properties. However, public knowledge of the health benefits of taking garlic is much better known than the adverse events that may result when(More)