Faisal Al-Shoukr

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Fucoidans constitute a large family of sulfated polysaccharides with several biochemical properties. A commercial fucoidan from brown algae, containing low molecular weight polysaccharidic species constituted of l-fucose, uronic acids and sulfate groups, was simply treated here with calcium acetate solution. This treatment led to a purified fraction with a(More)
Background: Radiolabeled phosphatidylserine (PS)-binding peptides represent an innovative strategy for molecular imaging of apoptosis and thrombus. The hexapeptide PGDLSR was described as a selective and high affinity ligand for PS. In this work, we synthesized and evaluated a gallium labelled-PGDLSR peptide as a potential and selective radiopharmaceutical(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES The Ge/Ga generator is of increasing interest for clinical PET. The arrival on the market of the pharmaceutical-grade generator, which provides an eluate with chemical and radiochemical purities in conformity with the European Pharmacopeia specifications, makes the direct labelling of vectors possible. The kit formulation strategies(More)
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