Fairouz Tchier

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In relational semantics, the input-output semantics of a program is a relation on its set of states. We generalise this in considering elements of Kleene algebras as se-mantical values. In a nondeterministic context, the demonic semantics is calculated by considering the worst behaviour of the program. In this paper, we concentrate on while loops.(More)
In this paper, we consider the local fractional decomposition method, variational iteration method, and differential transform method for analytic treatment of linear and nonlinear local fractional differential equations, homogeneous or nonhomogeneous. The operators are taken in the local fractional sense. Some examples are given to demonstrate the(More)
In this work; we present a method for solving the second-order linear ordinary differential equation of hypergeometric type. The solutions of this equation are given by the confluent hypergeometric functions (CHFs). Unlike previous studies, we obtain some different new solutions of the equation without using the CHFs. Therefore, we obtain new discrete(More)
It is common to use invariant assertions to analyze functional properties of loops (such as partial correctness) and to use variant functions to analyze operational properties of loops (such as termination). In this paper, we explore an orthogonal approach, based on invariant relations, which enables us to reason about functional properties as well as(More)