Fairouz Tchier

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We present a refinement ordering between binary relations, viewed as programs or specifications. This ordering induces a complete join semilattice that can be embedded in a relation algebra. This embedding then allows an easy proof of many properties of the refinement semilattice, by making use of the well-known corresponding properties of relation(More)
In relational semantics, the input-output semantics of a program is a relation on its set of states. We generalize this in considering elements of Kleene algebras as semantical values. In a nondeterministic context, the demonic semantics is calculated by considering the worst behavior of the program. In this paper, we concentrate on while loops. Calculating(More)
Relations and relational operators can be used to define the semantics of programming languages. The operations ∨ and ◦ serve to give angelic semantics by defining a program to go right when there is a possibility to go right. On the other hand, the demonic operations and do the opposite: if there is a possibility to go wrong, a program whose semantics is(More)
Computeraided diagnosis of breast cancer is an important medical approach. In this research paper, we focus on combining two major methodologies, namely fuzzy base systems and the evolutionary genetic algorithms and on applying them to the Saudi Arabian breast cancer diagnosis database, to aid physicians in obtaining an earlycomputerized diagnosis and hence(More)
Resat Yilmazer 1, Mustafa Inc 1,*, Fairouz Tchier 2 and Dumitru Baleanu 3,4 1 Department of Mathematics, Science Faculty, Fırat University, Elazığ 23119, Turkey; rstyilmazer@gmail.com 2 Department of Mathematics, King Saud University, P.O. Box 22452, Riyadh 11495, Saudi Arabia; ftchier@ksu.edu.sa 3 Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Çankaya(More)