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T HE purpose of this paper is to point out how the efficient instrumental-variables technique discussed by Brundy and Jorgenson (1971) can be modified to take into account auto-regressive properties of the error terms. The limited&formation and full-information estimators proposed in this paper are consistent and have the same asymptotic distributions as(More)
Data acquisition and diagnostics for chemical and biological analytes are critical to medicine, security, and the environment. Miniaturized and portable sensing systems are especially important for medical and environmental diagnostics and monitoring applications. Chip scale integrated planar photonic sensing systems that can combine optical, electrical and(More)
Spectrum analysis of radiofrequency (RF) ultrasonic echo signals often can sense tissue differences that are not visible on conventional ultrasonic images. Spectrum-analysis parameter values combined with other variables, such as serum prostate specific antigen (PSA) concentration, can be classified by neural networks to distinguish effectively between(More)
We report here the latest follow-up of the Phase II and III trials evaluating pathologic results and relapse-free survival, as judged by serum prostate specific antigen (PSA), in patients with localized prostate cancer who had radical prostatectomy performed at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Center (MSKCC) either with or without neoadjuvant hormone therapy(More)
Persistent ascites four weeks after successful liver transplant defines refractory ascites, an uncommon but a challenging problem. Etiology of the ascites can occur in the presence of cirrhotic or non-cirrhotic grafts. The first step in evaluation of refractory ascites after liver transplant includes a simultaneous evaluation of the characteristics of(More)
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