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Modern advances in reconfigurable technologies are allowing analog circuit designers to benefit from the computational flexibility provided by large-scale field-programmable analog arrays (FPAAs). With the component density of these devices, small analog circuits as well as larger analog systems can be synthesized and tested in a shorter time and at a lower(More)
To my family iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am grateful for having the opportunity to come to the United States when I was a teenager. I appreciate the educational system in this country, which not only values creativity and promotes personal growth, but also offers plenty of " second chances " if one does not excel the first time. I also appreciate the American(More)
would also like to express my thanks to Pinar Korkmaz, who has been very forthcoming with any help I needed during my PhD career. Thanks are due in no small part to all my friends in Atlanta, and elsewhere, some of whom I have known from the days of my undergrad in IIT Kharagpur. However, I would like to extend special thanks to Mrinmoy Ghosh, Atri Dutta,(More)
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