Faig Bakhman Ogli Naghiyev

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This article investigates the pulsating flow of a compressible two-phase bubble of viscous fluid contained in an elastic orthotropicle direct axis tube. In this work, one-dimensional linear equations have been used. It is assumed that the tube is rigidly attached to the certain environment. In the case of finite length the pressure is applied at the end of(More)
This paper compares the computational performance of two numerical methods for two models of Transient Flow. One model was defined by method of the Eulerian based expressed in a method of characteristics “MOC”, finite difference form. The other model was defined by method of Regression. Each method was encoded into an existing hydraulic simulation model.(More)
There has been investigated the influence of γ-radiation on absorption spectra in energy range 1÷6.5 eV and temperature dependence of 90Bi2Te3-10Bi2Se3 film conductivity of p-and n-types conductivity within 1÷5 eV. It is established that γ-irradiation of films with intensity ρ=1.384 rad/sec brings about the formation of temporary lattice defects. DOI:(More)
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