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Designing intercultural communication and cooperation systems involves at least two central issues, i.e., concepts for modeling communication and the legitimacy of communication norms and conventions established through modeling and designing. This paper discusses the concept of genre in regard to modeling communication and reflects on how discourse-ethical(More)
Relationship analysis aims at supporting the eliciting and documenting of potential relationship structures of an application domain by providing analysts with a systematic technique. Current relationship analysis methodologies, however, are mainly semantic based and do not take the pragmatic and social dimensions of relationships into account. We propose(More)
The concept of genre represents a meaningful pattern of communication, which has been applied in the information systems field. Genres are socially constructed: they may consequently be socially more or less acceptable or contested. This paper focuses on the concept of communicative genre and addresses the issue of how meta-communication processes guided by(More)
In the last few years, semantic technologies are continuously maturing and many applications are adopted in various field. To take a step towards overcoming the knowledge acquisition bottleneck, the challenge of generating semantic content persists. It usually requires the involvement of humans, thus motivations and incentives mechanisms that might foster(More)
This paper proposes a set of critical questions to guide reflections on persuasive systems. The questions are mainly based on value-based practical reasoning as suggested in argumentation research. Value based reasoning is involved in any persuasive design discourse to assess the purposiveness, goodness or rightness of system actions to be designed. In this(More)
Increased advances in communication technology have enabled computer-mediated communication among geographically dispersed individuals, and created opportunities for them to participate in socio-political decisions at the local, national and global level. Consequently, the structuring of communication processes for facilitating discourse among larger groups(More)