Fahmi Arif

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Quality prediction model has been developed in various industries to realize the faultless manufacturing. However, most of quality prediction model is developed in single-stage manufacturing. Previous studies show that single-stage quality system cannot solve quality problem in multi-stage manufacturing effectively. This study is intended to propose(More)
Small and Medium Industries (SMIs) generate significant contribution in the economic growth in developing countries. To achieve the standard expected product from customers, SMIs must produce marketable product in term of quality, quantity and prices. This requires the investment in technology for supporting daily operation and maintenance management. In(More)
Small and medium-scale industries (SMI) have played a very important role in Malaysian economy. Particularly in terms of employment generation, better income distribution and as a training ground for entrepreneurs before investing in a larger scale businesses. However, there are many factors inhibiting the adoption of new technologies especially related to(More)
Study to explore the effect of customization towards user satisfaction in the daily operation of ERP system .Study carried out in four manufacturing companies. Indepth interviews and surveys used to measure the user satisfaction in the manufacturing companies. The results reveal that exceeding certain level of customization complexity index would reduce the(More)
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