Fahimeh Maryami

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BACKGROUND Thalassemia, which may be due to point mutations, translocations, and deletions involving the α or βglobin gene, is the most prevalent single gene disorder in Iran.This study aims to calculate the α/β ratio in normal cases, α- and β-thalassemia carriers by RT-PCR, real-time PCR, and in vitro globin chain synthesis (GCS) in order to establish the(More)
T halassemia syndromes are the most prevalent autosomal recessive single gene disorders in Iran.1,2 Interactions of different types of hemoglobinopathies can lead to thalassemia syndromes with a variety of phenotypes that range from asymptomatic to severe anemia. The diversity of thalassemia phenotypes depends on the amount of imbalances created between and(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop a robust and reliable assay for direct identification of female carriers of deletions in the dystrophin gene. DESIGN AND METHODS We compared two quantitative real-time PCR approaches for the detection of the deletions of exons 4, 17, 47, and 50 in DMD/BMD carriers. One hundred and ten individuals from 26 unrelated families, including(More)
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