Fahimeh Charbgoo

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Biomedical applications of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have attracted a lot of attention in recent years. However, the applications of CNTs in these fields of research are challenged by some properties such as their insolubility and cytotoxicity. To improve their solubility in physiological solutions or to reduce cytotoxicity, a variety of engineered(More)
A pure nucleotide pool is required for high-fidelity DNA replication and prevention of carcinogenesis in living cells. Human inosine triphosphatase (ITPase), encoded by the ITPA gene, plays a critical role in maintaining the purity of the cellular nucleotide pool by excluding nucleotides that enhance mutagenesis. ITPase is a nucleoside triphosphate(More)
Advances in nanobiotechnology and targeting strategy could improve the delivery of therapeutic molecules into cancer cells, leading to improved treatment efficiency with minimal side effects on normal cells. To design an efficient nanocarrier, consideration of parameters that facilitate direct drug delivery into the target cells is important. We studied the(More)
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