Fahimeh Alsadat Hosseini

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BACKGROUND It has been proposed that the mechanism of the antidepressant effect of celecoxib is linked to its anti-inflammatory action and particularly its inhibitory effect on pro-inflammatory cytokines (e.g. interleukin-6(IL-6)). We measured changes in serum IL-6 concentrations and depressive symptoms following administration of celecoxib in patients with(More)
Dialysis patients need to deal and cope with various aspects of their disease. Identifying the adaptation methods provides valuable information for planning specific treatment and medical care delivery and improving the performance of medical teams. The present study aims to evaluate the coping strategies to stress among patients undergoing hemodialysis(More)
Tropomyosin receptor kinase C (TrkC) is involved in cell survival, apoptosis induction and tumorigenesis. We hypothesized that, similar to p75NTR receptor, some of the diverse functions of TrkC could be mediated by a microRNA (miRNA) embedded within the gene. Here, we experimentally verified the expression and processing of two bioinformatically predicted(More)
How to cite this article Aghahosseini H, Ramazani A, Azimzadeh Asiabi P, Gouranlou F, Hosseini F, Rezaei A, Min B-K, Joo SW. Glucosebased Biofuel Cells: Nanotechnology as a Vital Science in Biofuel Cells Performance. Nanochem Res, 2016; 1(2):183-204. DOI: 10.7508/ncr.2016.02.006 Nanotechnology has opened up new opportunities for the design of nanoscale(More)
BACKGROUND Although local anesthesia is a suitable method for upper limb surgeries, there is debate regarding the effects of appropriate dosing. OBJECTIVES In the current study, we investigated the effects of the concentration and volume of a local anesthetic on the beginning and quality of anesthesia during upper limb orthopedic surgeries. PATIENTS AND(More)
BACKGROUND CASC18 along with APPL2, OCC-1 and NUAK1 flanking genes are located in 12q23.3 locus which is known as a potential cancer predisposition locus. Only an uncharacterized EST was initially reported for CASC18 and it was crucial to find its full length sequence and function. METHODS AND RESULTS In an attempt to search for the CASC18's full-length(More)
BACKGROUND Prerequisite for management of a chronic disease involves knowledge about its complications and their prevention. Hemophilia in adolescents influences all the aspects of their lives and thier performance. OBJECTIVES The present study aimed to determine the performance of Iranian hemophilic adolescents in prevention of disease complications. (More)
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