Fahime Moein-darbari

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The main idea of developing Grid is to make effective use of the computation power distributed all over the world. Economical issues are the most vital motivations of resource owners to share their services. This means that users are required to pay for access to services based on their usage and level of QoS they need. Therefore total cost of executing an(More)
The NoC paradigm is one, if not only one, fitto enable the integration of an exceedinglylarge number of computational, logical andstorage blocks in a single chip. The paperpresents a novel technique called CGMAP,which finds a mapping of the vertices of a taskgraph to the tiles of a mesh based NoCarchitecture, with an objective of improving theQuality of(More)
The term scheduling implies relegating of the responsibilities to the accessible assets in some model design to finish the entire work. The target of the proposed work is to investigate the existing weighted round robin algorithm and propose a credulous methodology that defeats the downside of the existing algorithm and by consolidating both the analysis(More)
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