Fahima Cheikh

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In this paper we study the issue of service composition, for services that export a representation of their behavior in the form of a finite deterministic transition system. In particular, given a specification of the target service requested by the client as a finite deterministic transition system, the problem we face is how we can exploit the(More)
The promise ofWeb Service Computing is to utilizeWeb services as fundamental elements for realizing distributed applications/solutions. In particular, when no available service can satisfy client request, (parts of) available services can be composed and orchestrated in order to satisfy such a request. In this paper, we address the automatic composition(More)
We study an abstract form of service composition where Web services are represented as nondeterministic communicating automata. Considering the case in which communication is done via channels able to hold at most one message at a time, the service composition problem consists, given a client service, a goal service and a community of available services, to(More)
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