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This paper presents methods to build histo-anatomically detailed individualized cardiac models. The models are based on high-resolution three-dimensional anatomical and/or diffusion tensor magnetic resonance images, combined with serial histological sectioning data, and are used to investigate individualized cardiac function. The current state of the art is(More)
A mark-release-recapture experiment with the progeny of wild collected Anopheles culicifacies was performed during the monsoon season of 1978 at the village of Khano-Harni, a malarious area situated in Lahore District, Punjab Province, Pakistan. The recapture rates of males and females released at breeding and resting sites were statistically comparable and(More)
Antibody titers against St. Louis encephalitis virus (SLE) measured by a plaque reduction neutralization test (PRNT) decreased rapidly in house finches (Capodacus mexicanus) after initial infection, whereas antibodies measured by enzyme immunoassay (EIA) remained detectable in all birds for the length of the experiment, indicating long-term persistence and(More)
Genetic and cytogenetic investigations of 14 strains of Anopheles stephensi with induced chromosomal aberrations have resulted in the assignment of the three linkage groups to their respective chromosomes. In addition, the correlation between the ovarian polytene chromosomes and the mitotic chromosomes was demonstrated. Indirect evidence for the presence of(More)
A preliminary survey of natural populations of Anopheles stephensi Liston in Pakistan has uncovered the presence of 16 autosomal paracentric inversions. Twelve previously undescribed inversions were observed in the field populations and an additional new one was seen in a laboratory colony. A comparison of urban and rural populations showed striking(More)
Under controlled laboratory conditions of 28-30 degrees C and 16:8 L:D photoperiod, an attempt was made to develop an age-grading technique for Anopheles culicifacies males. Mating activity was maximal when females were 5-12 days old males were 5-7 days old. The numbers of total and mature spermatocysts declined significantly with age, and the proportion of(More)
BACKGROUND A substantial component of care is provided to stroke survivors by informal caregivers. However, providing such care is often a new and challenging experience and has been linked to a number of adverse outcomes. A range of interventions targeted towards stroke survivors and their family or other informal caregivers have been tested in randomised(More)
Studies on anopheline mosquitoes in selected villages of Punjab Province, Pakistan have incriminated Anopheles culicifacies species A as the primary malaria vector. Although An. stephensi and An. subpictus showed higher immediate gut infection rates, estimations of relative abundance, age structure and survivorship, and observations of late gut and salivary(More)
The reproductive biology and age-structure of female Anopheles culicifacies, An. stephensi and Culex tritaeniorhynchus were studied at rural Punjabi villages near Lahore, Pakistan, during 1976-1980. Both Anopheles remained gonotrophically active throughout the year with blood-fed, gravid, parous and virgin females collected during all months. Culex(More)