Fahamy Iskandar

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AIMS Generation of human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC) lines by reprogramming of fibroblast cells with virus-free methods offers unique opportunities for translational cardiovascular medicine. The aim of the study was to reprogramme fibroblast cells to hiPSCs and to study cardiomyogenic properties and ion channel characteristics of the virus-free(More)
A light yellow amorphous solid (compound A&#x0332;, 760 mg) was isolated from a silica column chromatography of the crude methanolic leaves extract of Vitex trifolia. It gave a thin layer chromatographic spot (TLC; R<inf>f</inf> = 0.80 in chloroform: methanol = 80&#x2236;20). Compound &#x0332; was visible under short UV light and appeared orange under long(More)
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