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Refractive Index-Based Blood Components Sensing in Terahertz Spectrum
In this paper, a novel partial type-b crystalline core with more compact cladding in hexagonal packing photonic crystal fiber (CC-PCF)-based optical sensor has been proposed for sensing differentExpand
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Quasi-Photonic Crystal Fiber-Based Spectroscopic Chemical Sensor in the Terahertz Spectrum: Design and Analysis
In this paper, a novel microstructure quasi-photonic crystal fiber design is proposed. Aimed at a high relative sensitivity, it is targeted for chemical sensing applications in the terahertz regime.Expand
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Extremely Low Loss of Photonic Crystal Fiber for Terahertz Wave Propagation in Optical Communication Applications
Abstract An enormously low loss symmetrical hybrid decagonal porous core spiral photonic crystal fiber (SH-PCF) has been proposed for terahertz (THz) wave guiding. The modal characteristics of theExpand
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Silicon nano crystal filled photonic crystal fiber for high nonlinearity
Abstract A novel design of circular hybrid photonic crystal fiber (CH-PCF) with high nonlinearity and high numerical aperture (NA) is introduced in this paper. The numerical simulation results areExpand
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Highly nonlinear Silicon Nanocrystal doped photonic crystal fibers with low confinement loss
Abstract In this article, more compact hexagonal cladding with Silicon Nanocrystal filled octagonal core-based photonic crystal fiber (HO-PCF) has been raised for high nonlinearity. HO-PCF is used toExpand
The performance of hosting and core materials for slotted core Q-PCF in terahertz spectrum
Abstract In this article, the effect of different substrate material on characteristics are analyzed for sensing application using photonic crystal fibers (PCF). The proposed quasi cladding slottedExpand
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