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A common and standard approach to model text document is bag-of-words. This model is suitable for capturing word frequency, however structural and semantic information is ignored. Graph representation is mathematical constructs and can model relationship and structural information effectively. A text can appropriately represented as Graph using vertex as(More)
In this paper, we simply introduce some new types of intelligent decision support system, such as group decision support system, distributed decision support system, intelligent, interactive and integrated decision support system and intelligent decision support system based on knowledge discovery. And then intelligent decision support system based on(More)
In this paper, on the foundation of summarizing several common used text representation models, such as Boolean model, probability model, vector space model and so on, mainly according to the defects of the vector space model, the word semantic space is proposed. And in the word semantic space, a graph-based text representation model is designed. Some(More)
As an unsupervised machine learning technology, document clustering has been widely used in many fields, such as Information Retrieval (IR) and Text Categorization (TC). But, because of the bag of words used in document clustering as document index, the feature space of corpus must be high dimension space. This problem makes a negative effect to the(More)
In the natural language processing and its related fields, the classic text representation methods seldom consider the role of the words order and long-distance dependency in the texts for the semantic representation. In this paper, we discussed current situation and problems of the statistical language models, especially for Head-driven statistical(More)
In recent decades, with the continuous improvement of computer performance, in medicine, biology and other fields, its applications are paid more and more attention to by researchers and scholars. Aided medical diagnosis and treatment system based on computer has already become a hotspot. In this paper, the aided medical diagnosis system based on knowledge(More)
Text summarization is a meaningful part of the research of natural language document understanding, and it is an important branch of natural language processing. In this paper, on the basis of the research status quo of the researchers and experts both home and abroad, two text summarization algorithms are proposed. And one algorithm is rule-based, and the(More)
The lexical language model is recently the hotspot in grammar research, which is promoted by incorporating the phrase head with statistics. This paper summarizes about four improving language models which belong to this kind of model: they have utilized heads that is extracted by CFG and calculated the probability between the heads or inside CFG. Different(More)
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