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Optimal electrical and thermal energy management of a residential energy hub, integrating demand response and energy storage system
Abstract Energy crisis along with environmental concerns are some principal motivations for introducing “energy hubs” by integrating energy production, conversion and storage technologies such asExpand
Learning to Rationalize for Nonmonotonic Reasoning with Distant Supervision
This paper investigates multiple ways to automatically generate rationales using pre-trained language models, neural knowledge models, and distant supervision from related tasks, and trains generative models capable of composing explanatory rationales for unseen instances. Expand
ParsiNLU: A Suite of Language Understanding Challenges for Persian
ParsiNLU is introduced, the first benchmark in Persian language that includes a range of high-level tasks -- Reading Comprehension, Textual Entailment, etc -- and is presented to compare them with human performance, which provides valuable insights into the ability to tackle natural language understanding challenges in Persian. Expand
Modeling Protagonist Emotions for Emotion-Aware Storytelling
This paper designs methods that generate stories that adhere to given story titles and desired emotion arcs for the protagonist, and includes Emotion Supervision and two Emotion-Reinforced (EmoRL) models. Expand
Cue Me In: Content-Inducing Approaches to Interactive Story Generation
This work focuses on the task of interactive story generation, where the user provides the model mid-level sentence abstractions in the form of cue phrases during the generation process, and presents two content-inducing approaches to effectively incorporate this additional information. Expand
Optimal energy management of hybrid CCHP and PV in a residential building
Energy crisis along with environmental concerns are some principal motivations for replacing centralized power systems with Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). In this respect, Combined Cooling,Expand
Development of a thermal and electrical energy management in residential building micro-grid
Global warming and pressing concern about CO2 emission along with increasing fuel and oil cost have brought about great challenges for energy companies and homeowners. In this regard, a potentialExpand
Reformulating Sentence Ordering as Conditional Text Generation
Reorder-Bart (RE-BART), a sentence ordering framework which leverages a pre-trained transformer-based model to identify a coherent order for a given set of shuffled sentences, is presented. Expand
Effective Forum Curation via Multi-task Learning
This work addresses the problems of automatically identifying posts that express confusion or urgency from Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) forums and proposes two LSTM-based multitask learning frameworks to leverage shared information and transfer knowledge across these related tasks. Expand
Uncovering Implicit Gender Bias in Narratives through Commonsense Inference
Pre-trained language models learn socially harmful biases from their training corpora, and may repeat these biases when used for generation. We study gender biases associated with the protagonist inExpand