Faezah Kamaruddin

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This paper reviews on the water quality for Carey Island which is one of the mangrove islands in Malaysia. The mangrove area has vital functions of its mangrove tress. In order to control and protect the level of contamination at this area, a study on water quality has been carried out. Three rivers that selected as a point of study are Air Hitam, Judah and(More)
UNLABELLED Patients with extensive malignancies involving the femur often require total femoral replacement when their limbs can be salvaged. Reported series are small and involve heterogeneity of tumours. We present nine patients with osteosarcomas of the femur treated at our institution between 2003 and 2010 with a mean follow-up of 27 (6 to 56) months.(More)
This paper reviews on the soil condition for three rivers at Carey Island namely Air Hitam, Judah and Keluang River. The activities on the island such as palm oil industries are believed affect the soil. Thus a study was carried out to determine the parameters of pH value, total sulphates, chloride content, total organic carbon (TOC), inorganic carbon (IC)(More)
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