Fadzilah Siraj

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The advancement in computer technology has encouraged the researchers to develop software for assisting doctors in making decision without consulting the specialists directly. The software development exploits the potential of human intelligence such as reasoning, making decision, learning (by experiencing) and many others. Artificial intelligence is not a(More)
This paper intents to assess the application of artificial neural network in predicting the presence of heart disease, mainly the angina in patients. The prediction and detection of angina are significant in determining the most appropriate form of treatment for these patients. The development of the application involves three main phases. The first phase(More)
World Wide Web is an important medium for the education in the present millenium. To date, some courses have been made available through Internet (DeVoe, 1998; Finkelstein and Dryden, 1998). Most of the courses available on the web are static hypertexts that do not promote interactive teaching and learning. Other courses have been developed as Web-based(More)
Backpropagation (or backprop) algorithm is one of the well-known algorithms in neural networks. It is capable to deal with various types of data and also able to model a complex decision system. Some problem domains involve a large amount of data. The bigger the number of input or hidden units is, the more complex the model would be. Hence, reducing the(More)
In this work it is proposed to provide proper nutrition to soil, which is very essential for satisfactory crop growth and production. The use of soil tests can help us to determine the status of available nutrients in soil, this paper aims at calculating required amount of NPK fertilizers for soil accordingly NPK levels actually found during soil test.(More)
Artificial Neural Networks or widely known as Neural networks (ANNs or NNs) is a computational paradigm that comprises of mathematical, statistical, biological sciences and philosophy. These paradigms formulate a formula to form a brain like function, called artificial neuron. Artificial neuron comprises of large number of computational processing elements(More)