Fadzel Wong Chee Ping

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BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Athletes in Malaysia need to perform in a hot and humid environment due to the climatic nature of the country. Chronic supplementation of Panax ginseng (PG) (a deciduous perennial plant belonging to the Araliaceae family) enhances physical performance. As the ergogenic effect of acute supplementation of PG on endurance performance(More)
Sixteen patients were studied to determine if naloxone could be shown to affect general anaesthesia with halothane and oxygen or nitrous oxide and oxygen with halothane. Changes in blood pressure, pulse rate, electroencephalogram and evidence of physical response were observed. The end-tidal halothane and carbon dioxide were controlled. The temperature and(More)
At the Vancouver General Hospital the effectiveness of the system for decontamination of anaesthetic equipment was evaluated to determine the need for bacterial filters on anaesthetic machines. Two groups of patients were studied. Group I consisted of 33 patients, none of whom had clinical symptoms of respiratory tract disease. Group II consisted of 17(More)
A functional classification of hypoxia of the brain has been presented and some of its significant aspects have been discussed. Mechanisms of protection from hypoxia of the brain were reviewed under the headings of prevention, hyperventilation, hypothermia and protection by barbiturates. In prevention of hypoxia of the brain, avoidance of factors producing(More)
Acute supplementation of Panax ginseng (PG) is known not to impose any significant effect on endurance performance of recreational Malaysian runners, while caffeine augments the ergogenic property of some herbs. The present study was aimed to examine the effects of acute supplementation of caffeine and PG on endurance running performance in a hot and humid(More)
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