Fady Dawoud

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The problem of using surface data to reconstruct transmural electrophysiological (EP) signals is intrinsically ill-posed without a unique solution in its unconstrained form. Incorporating physiological spatiotemporal priors through probabilistic integration of dynamic EP models, we have previously developed a Bayesian approach to transmural(More)
Patient-specific modeling of the heart is limited by lack of technology to acquire myocardial fiber orientations in the clinic. To overcome this limitation, we recently developed an image-based methodology to estimate the fiber orienta-tions. In this study, we test the efficacy of that methodology in infarcted hearts. To this end, we implemented a(More)
Transmural electrophysiological imaging (TEPI) using surface measurements is an ill-posed problem that does not have a unique solution in its general uncon-strained form. We previously developed and preliminarily validated a Bayesian approach to TEPI that incorporates physiological, spatiotemporal priors through proba-bilistic integration of dynamic(More)
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