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In this paper, we propose a regression test suite selection strategy that recommends a smaller test suite to validate software applications upon deployment of upgrades to application components. The selection strategy is based on analyzing the dynamic behavior of the application and recommends a smaller test suite to validate software applications. Methods(More)
Current practice of executing entire system test suite to validate applications upon deployment of upgrades is both expensive and time consuming. The existing automatic regression tests selection techniques that recommend smaller regression test suites are dependent on availability of either source code or version change information. Therefore, in this(More)
The cytotoxic activity of thiosemicarbazones (TSC) and thiocarbohydrazones was investigated against the MelRm melanoma cell line. In general, the melanoma line was susceptible to metal coordinating agents, the most useful of which incorporated the dipyridyl ketone hydrazone sub-structure. The impact of copper supplementation on the cytotoxic activity(More)
A series of bis-thiosemicarbazone agents with coordinating groups capable of multiple metal coordination modes has been generated and evaluated for potential cytotoxic effects against melanoma (MelRm) and breast adenocarcinoma (MCF-7) cell lines. The bis-thiosemicarbazones in this study generally demonstrated superior cytotoxic activity against MelRm than(More)
The combination of cytotoxic copper–thiosemicarbazone complexes with phenoxazines results in an up to 50-fold enhancement in the cytotoxic potential of the thiosemicarbazone against the MCF-7 human breast adenocarcinoma cell line over the effect attributable to drug additivity—allowing minimization of the more toxic copper–thiosemicarbazone component of the(More)
Zinc is the second most abundant transition metal in the human body, between 3 and 10 % of human genes encoding for zinc binding proteins. We have investigated the interplay of reactive oxygen species and zinc homeostasis on the cytotoxicity of the thiosemicarbazone chelators against the MCF-7 cell line. The cytotoxicity of thiosemicarbazone chelators(More)
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