Fadoua Drira

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Resolution enhancement has become a valuable research topic due to the rapidly growing need for high-quality images in various applications. Various resolution enhancement approaches have been successfully applied on natural images. Nevertheless, their direct application to textual images is not efficient enough due to the specificities that distinguish(More)
Super-resolution (SR) task has become an important research area due to the rapidly growing interest for high quality images in various computer vision and pattern recognition applications. This has led to the emergence of various SR approaches. According to the number of input images, two kinds of approaches could be distinguished: single or multiinput(More)
  • Fadoua Drira
  • Second International Conference on Document Image…
  • 2006
Resorting to restoration techniques for heritage documents becomes an increasingly urgent need. In fact, these valuable resources for human being are subject to several types of degradations limiting their use. A proposed solution to this problem is the application of restoration techniques on the digital copy of the originally degraded document. This would(More)
A modification of the Weickert coherence enhancing diffusion filter is proposed for which new constraints formulated form the Perona-Malik equation are added. The new diffusion filter, driven by local tensors fields, takes benefit from both of these approaches and avoids problems known to affect them. This filter reinforces character discontinuity and(More)
This paper addresses the problem of generating a super-resolved version of a low-resolution textual image by using Sparse Coding (SC) which suggests that image patches can be sparsely represented from a suitable dictionary. In order to enhance the learning performance and improve the reconstruction ability, we propose in this paper a multiple learned(More)
This paper addresses the problem of generating a super-resolved text image from a single low-resolution image. The proposed Super-Resolution (SR) method is based on sparse coding which suggests that image patches can be well represented as a sparse linear combination of elements from a suitably chosen learned dictionary. Toward this strategy, a(More)
The massive digitization of heritage documents has raised new prospects for research like degraded document image restoration. Degradations harm the legibility of the digitized documents and limit their processing. As a solution, we propose to tackle the problem of degraded text characters with PDE (partial differential equation)-based approaches. Existing(More)